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Ballet Accessories

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Bella Dance Bag

A soft zip-up vanity case with a dancer embellishment on the front - whilst stocks last! Buy this product and receive free XL Bowling Bag during selected promotions.
£4.17 excl tax £16.67 excl tax


A ballerina vanity case - while stocks last!
£6.67 excl tax £16.67 excl tax

Buckle Belt

A waist belt with a buckle fastening - while stocks last!
£3.08 excl tax

Bun Nets

A plain bun net - while stocks last!
£5.08 excl tax

Comfort Skin Toe Pad

Soft toe pads which help to reduce impact, shock and pressure.
£20.33 excl tax

Crushed Resin

Crushed resin.
£6.00 excl tax

Digital Cap Ribbed

Digital Cap - Ribbed.
£8.33 excl tax

Freed of London Branded Bottle

Freed of London, stainless steel bottle in Ballet Pink & Legacy Gold colourway. Buy this during Black Friday / Cyber Monday and receive free pair of Glittery Ankle Warmers.
£14.17 excl tax


2" thick polycotton headband
£2.67 excl tax


Unisex hooded sweatshirt
£16.67 excl tax £37.50 excl tax

Knee Pads

Rucanor knee pads.
£18.42 excl tax

Men's Dance Support

Men's dance support.
£27.83 excl tax

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