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Suede Cap

Suede Caps for pointe shoes
£4.60 incl tax
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Suede Caps for pointe shoes

Suede Caps for pointe shoes

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Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Pre-cut ½" nylon ribbon for pointe shoes. Available in Ballet Pink, Ballet Bronze and Ballet Brown
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Mesh Elastic Set

Set of two mesh elastics, 40cm.
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Pointe Shoe Ribbon - Stretch

Pre-cut stretch ribbon for pointe shoes.
£6.40 incl tax

Studios 2 Junior

Freed of London Studio 2 Pointe Shoes For the dancers who require a lighter option of pointe shoe, with a wider platform PLEASE NOTE: Due to unprecedented demand, the lead time for Studio Pointe Shoe orders may be up to 12 weeks. To secure your delivery slot, we advise against any cancellations.
£57.50 incl tax